2017 Scrap Metal Drive

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Saturday, April 22nd • 9 AM to 2 PM
Horizon Park parking lot • 1535 Sweeny Street

What to bring:

• PC Computer Towers • Laptop Computers • Cell Phones • Steel • Copper • Aluminum • Brass • Electrical Wire • Network Switches, Routers, & Modems • Electrical Motors • Lead Acid Batteries • Car Radiators • Starters and Alternators  • Extension Cords • Christmas Lights • Old Telephones

For questions and large item pickup contact Lisa Auker at (989) 330-5645

Items that can NOT be collected:

• Sealed containers (must have opening cut into them• Materials containing asbestos • Transformers that contain oil
• Safes • Garbage. • Pipe with cement inside. • Any refrigeration equipment that has not been certified empty of freon, OR has compressors removed from units. • Televisions, monitors, or other items with excessive amounts of glass.
• Paint cans with any materials left in them. • Basically any steel that has foreign material other than a little plastic (like appliance)

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